Fuck McDonalds

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Ronald statue stolen/destroyed

Let me start by saying that I praise the genius that did this hilarious act. You are a genius, and will be blessed with positive Karma for the rest of your life.

For those of you not wanting to take the time to read the above article, I will sum it up:
Some friggin GENIUS kidnapped a Ronald McHitler statue from in front of a Ronald McDonald House. The then hung him from a tree, by his neck. Here is a quote from the McDonald organization:

“It’s very upsetting to us,” said Connie Grammens,
executive director of Ronald McDonald House, the
nonprofit organization that uses the well-known
clown image as a symbol of its work with children
and families. “It was a true act of violence. We’re a
part of the community and we’re just disturbed by

Did I read that correctly? "A TRUE act of VIOLENCE"? You wanna see a TRUE act of Violence, come on in and Meet your Meat.

Above: Authorities take Ronald McDonald away after they find evidence of his crimes against humanity. Crimes including. Hitler-esque, ritualistic slaughter of millions of animals, Subliminally tricking parents into feeding absolute garbage to their children, and posing as someone who gives a fuck about anything other that "a few billion more sold."

Alas, justice is served, and the world is made a safer place for all of us.