"Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals".

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I'm sorry to go off again about my disgust with meat, and the industry and people that support it.
But I have recently come across many photos and video clips, that I feel completely justify my HATRED for ANYONE involved in the MEAT industry. The links I supply below, are EXTREMELY violent in nature, and the video(quicktime) links, are a couple of mb in size. But please, watch them, and learn.:

One note here first: IF the rare possibility becomes reality, that the two inbred pieces of redneck shit in these videos ever see my website, let me just say that I hope someone breaks into your home, and bestows upon you, identical torture, and pain that you inflict on countless of innocent harmless creatures.. YOU, are the scum of MY earth, and do NOT belong on this planet with me. Do me a favor, and PLEASE FUCKING DIE a MISERABLE, PAINFUL, TORTUROUS death.

Another note: To those who view my site, and despise me for using the word "Satan", and using "evil" imagery, and those of you who like to email ME and tell me that I am going to hell, I ask that you watch these clips below, as well as look at the pictures, and THEN get back to me on exactly what EVIL is. If after viewing these clips, you tell me that I am still evil, then that just proves that you are a sick fuck.

Looks like Dahmers Apartment

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Dahmer strikes again

You wouldn't even let these two touch you car!

Good clean fun

Nice apron

No kids, Babe isn't bleeding to death, he's just taking a bath..

Torture video #1 : This clip is of two ignorant redneck fucks attacking a pig at a slaughterhouse. Fuck number 1 is chasing the pig with a captive-bolt gun. Once he strikes the pig, and it is slowly and painfully expiring, Fuck number 2 comes along and smashes the pigs head with a cinder block,, TWICE.

Torture video #2 : This is a large one, 9.6 mb. It is the same tow redneck fucks. This time they are beating in the head of a pig with a pipe wrench. Once the pig is "out of it", but NOT dead, they proceed to slice it's throat, and skin it. Mind you, that while this is all going on, you can still see the pig breathing, blinking, and shaking in agony and fear. The end of the footage is also while the pig is still alive. At this point they proceed to cut off the pigs leg with a hacksaw.

Torture video #3 : A lame sow who has totally lost her ability to walk becomes trapped in the narrow aisle between stalls. The same two Fucks as in the last two clips, repeatedly kick her in the face and beat her with a cane, as well as stomp, dance, and spit on her. Unable to move, and with her legs often stuck between the bars of adjacent gestation stalls, the abuse continues for nearly 10 minutes.

If you have a problem with THIS rant, FUCK YOU!!!!!.